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Dr. Perillo's research analyzes the role of performance practices in resisting racism, sexism, and colonialism in order to build a more inclusive and equitable world.


Choreographing in Color: Filipinos, Hip-Hop, and the Cultural Politics of Euphemism (Oxford University Press, 2020)

In Choreographing in Color, Dr. J. Lorenzo Perillo investigates the development of Filipino popular dance and performance since the late 20th century…

Articles and Chapters

“‘This is the Filipino scene for me’: Ethnicity, Gender, and Hip-hop Dance in Hawai‘i.”

Adding to fields of popular dance and gender studies, this article documents the complicated cultural formations that emerge from and counter the historical and continued marginalization of Filipinos in Hawai‘i…

“Embodying Modernism: A Postcolonial Intervention across Filipino Dance.”

This article traces a prelude to Filipino dance nationalism and uncovers colonial ideas about dance and the racialized body in the early 1900s, and the surprising choreographic genealogies that constituted the preservation process in the 1930s…

“Theorising Hip-hop Dance in the Philippines: Blurring the Lines of Genre, Mode, and Dimension.”

This article privileges the ways Hiphop dancers in Manila theorise their practices through four main aspects— genre, mode, dimension and conflict—in order to draw attention to the principles of meaning-making in contemporary Hip-hop performance…

“‘If I was not in prison, I would not be famous’: Discipline, Choreography, and Mimicry in the Philippines.”

This award-winning Theatre Journal article looks at how, in 2007, 1,500 inmates in the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) went “viral” with their online rendition of Michael Jackson’s music video “Thriller”…

“‘Empire State of Mind’: Hip-hop Dance in the Philippines.”

This chapter appears in Hip-Hop(e): The Cultural Practice and Critical Pedagogy of International Hip-Hop, edited by Brad J. Portfilio and Michael J. Viola. This anthology that received the Critics’ Choice Award from the American Educational Studies Association. The chapter demonstrates that without a conversation with the American colonial past and neocolonial present, dance will fall short of hip-hop’s deeper emancipatory potentials…

“Filipina/o/x Americans in Dance"

This invited chapter appears in the groundbreaking SAGE Encyclopedia of Filipina/x/o American Studies, edited by Kevin Leo Yabut Nadal, Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales & E. J. R. David. It provides a concise and focused overview of Filipina/o/x Americans in Dance. 


“Storm: A Typhoon Haiyan Recovery Project” Center for Art + Thought

In 2014, Dr. Perillo curated a virtual exhibit with co-curator Dr. Johanna F. Almiron for the Center for Art + Thought, a web-based arts and education nonprofit organization that “harnesses the potential of digital and new media technologies in order to foster dialogues between artists, scholars, and the broader public.”

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