Film Screening
WAVE: A True Story in Hip Hop (2015)
"Hip Hop in My House: Popular Dance, Identity Politics, and Postracial Physics"
Keynote Lecture: Thomas F. Defrantz ft./Eto Otitigbe
Absolute Zero
Breakinʻ Workshop
Don Campbell
Creative Workshop
Tiffany Bong
Lock it up! Locking and Freestyle Workshop
Dr. Arnel Calvario
Roots b4 Branches Workshop
Dancing Hip Hop: Past, Present, and Future
Dance Showcase featuring local performing artists: Breakfree Hip Hop, Phenomenon Step, Base Productions, Greatest Common Factor, Urban Blaze, and Absolute Zero.
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The “Dancing Hip Hop Symposium” took place at Cornell University on March 20 and 21, 2015 and was sponsored by the Department of Performing and Media Arts and Cornell Hip Hop Collection. The first of its kind, this event brought together contemporary dancers, renowned scholars, and pioneering Hip Hop cultural activists to bridge Hip Hop dance practices and Dance Studies. This symposium also sought to address the urgent need for dance in the Hip Hop Collection, which had not organized an event around dance since 2008. The timely event also connected Cornell’s past to its present, by serving as part of the 150 Events in PMA’s campaign to celebrate the Sesquicentennial and situating Hip Hop dance in relation to Cornell’s broader history of dance. The symposium offered a variety of ways to engage Hip Hop dance—keynote, panel discussion, choreography and improvisational workshops, concert performances, dance on film, and a competition.